Motorcycles are fun and very safe. That said, it’s natural to be scared to ride. Never fear–there are a few ways to conquer your nervousness and we’re here to help you!


The good news is that there is no “right” way to learn to ride a motorcycle. Some folks grew up with parents who rode all the time, and these folks may have been motorcyclists themselves since they were young. Others may prefer a more straightforward approach that includes taking our motorcycle safety course. Plenty of in-between methods exist.

Bottom line: If you feel scared to ride a motorcycle, that’s completely okay. Nothing says you have to jump on one immediately and ride without proper training. Taking our safety class (or several) can equip you with valuable techniques that help you navigate curves and much more. You get to choose where and when you ride and how fast you go, and stay within your comfort zones.

Moreover, safety for motorcycles has never been cooler than it is now. For example, you can choose from helmets galore, and they allow for a wide field of vision. Plus, features such as traction control help keep you safe in bad weather. Anti-lock brakes also help you stop without locking up.


The “fun” element is perhaps the biggest draw to motorcycle riding, although some describe it as “freedom” or “exhilaration” or something comparable. Perhaps you see yourself on a motorcycle, blazing a path across the country. Only a biker understands how riding enhances your senses or the fluctuations in temperature you feel when riding down a hill. Your senses have blossomed and the motorcycling world is full of new smells. Motorcycling can boost your confidence and give you a certain swagger, but perhaps most importantly, you get to experience the world from a different perspective and join a tight-knit community of riders. So many roads, so little time…