Calgary Driving School

At Wheels Training Centre, we believe comprehensive and personal driver training should be easily available to everyone who already has been or wants to be behind the wheel. This is why we offer affordable, in-depth, fully licensed training courses to all types of drivers in Calgary.

We provide experienced and welcoming instructors with years of experience to teach both our in-class and in-vehicle courses. We offer a variety of courses that are tailor made for both novice drivers and those with years of experience. We also offer flexible course schedules and provide the option of both in-class or online driver training options. We want drivers of all skill levels and all walks of life to still feel welcome at our southeast Calgary driving school.

At Wheels, we also offer the convenience of registering and paying for your course online, we want to make the registration process as easy as possible for anyone looking for driver training.



Cost $610.00

Our Basic Driver Training Course consists of 15 hours of Classroom plus 10 hours of in-vehicle instruction. Upon completion of the course requirements, the student will receive a Certificate of Completion for lower insurance rates.


Cost $580.00

The online program consists of 15 hours of knowledge training and 10 hours of in-vehicle instruction administered in 5 sessions (2 hours per day). The online course will be sent to student by e-mail (please check e-mail/junk mail for the online course approximately 1 – 3 hours after you register and make payment). Upon completion of the course requirements, the student will receive a Certificate of Completion for lower insurance rates.


Cost $210.00

This course consists of two hours in-vehicle only with one of our skilled instructors. It is tailored towards the individuals needs, focusing on driving skills and areas where the individual may feel they need more practice. Vehicle is available to rent for the Road Test at a cost of $80 (includes GST).


Cost $460.00

Our Non GDL Insurance Reduction Certificate Course consists of 15 hours in-class training and 6 hours in-vehicle. A Certificate of Completion is issued upon completion of the course requirements.


Cost $210.00

This course is 2 hours and designed for those with Boat, RV, Flatbed and Utility trailers who want to strengthen their skills when towing. Using your own Car, SUV, Truck & Trailer with an emphasis on safety, our instructors will teach you Pre and Post trip Inspections, Steering Principals, Straight-line backing, Turning, Reversing, Safe Parking, Safety and Towing Regulations, Driving, Braking Techniques and Types of Hitches. Please contact the office to book.


Cost $210.00

Winter driving in Alberta can be unpredictable, much like our weather. This 2 hour in-vehicle course is ideal for drivers looking to sharpen their winter driving skills or new drivers wishing to gain valuable winter driving techniques. Our course covers topics such as winter accessories, mechanical failure and preparing for winter driving. We focus on drills that cover Driving on Black Ice, Skid Control, Emergency Braking, Turning on Slippery Roads and Recovery/Collision Avoidance. Please contact the office to book.


We are proud to offer some of the most affordable driver training courses in all of Calgary. We have strong relationships with partners and instructors that allows us to deliver fully licensed driving courses at a much lower price. Even though we offer affordable courses, our course quality is still second to none and we go above and beyond to make sure you or your child is confident behind the wheel. We offer just as comprehensive driving courses as our competitors but beat AMA driving school prices as well as prices of many of our driving school competitors. It is important to us that everyone receives proper training from a dedicated driving school to make our roads safer. That is why we don’t believe high costs should stop people from receiving proper driver training. Please take a look at the driving courses we offer and compare our prices with our competitors, and you will see that Wheels Training Centre is the obvious choice.

Driving School Price Comparisons

Wheels Training Centre vs. Competitors

AMA Driving SchoolDriving 101
Basic Driver Training Course$610$860$650
In-Class/Online Course Hours151515
In Car Training Hours101010
Classroom Training AvailableYesYesYes
Online Training AvailableYesYesYes
Free Pick-Up for In-Car LessonsYesYesYes


The driving course at Wheels Training Centre was absolutely fantastic. I found the course relevant and extremely informative. Gary, the owner, is awesome and has a lot of great knowledge to share. Thanks Wheels for such a good course.read more
Riley Hill
Riley Hill
13:47 24 Sep 19
My instructor was Gary (the owner) amazingly chill guy. Love his saying they stick in your head so you become a safer rider on the road.It was my first time near a motorcycle, by the end I was confidently riding at 70km/h no problem. I was also concerned about different bike styles thanks to Gary's wide variety of selection I got to try out different kinds of styles. Since I'm a teenager I fell in love with the CBR250R race bike.Gary also allows students to learn at their own pace which I loved so i'm not being held back or pushed forward with other riders.10/10 had a great experience, would 10/10 recommend it.Only complaint is, I wish it was longer so I can enjoy more time with Gary, bikes and the other riders. After the third class it felt like friends getting together for a ride while learning some stuff along the way.read more
Of all the ways you can spend $500 on over a weekend, per dollar the Basic Rider Course offers one of the most rewarding and fun learning experiences. The Basic Rider Course's pacing and curriculum is perfect for people who have never sat on a street bike.Garry, the school owner and my instructor, was an outstanding instructor that genuinely cares about people and riding. Everyone in my group was different in both level of skill and personality and I observed and experienced how he effectively tailored his teaching and coaching style to each individual student.In 2 days he was able to get me, someone who's never been on a motorcycle, to safely and competently ride on public roads with cars, semis and pedestrians. Garry was able to make a daunting and steep learning curve very safe, manageable and fun! All you have to do is show up with an open mind, be willing to listen, willing to fail and apply what the instructor teaches you.5/5 stars!read more
Matthew C
Matthew C
01:08 26 Aug 19
Great training centre! I took the motorcycle training course and I am glad I did it! Close to home, punctual, and knowledgeable. Garry and Allan were fantastic! Due to some unscheduled cancellations we had one on one training! I didn't mind! Skills development exercises are perfect and I am glad to have taken this course. I believe I will be a better rider and car driver because of this.read more
20:30 26 Jul 19
Truly a five star experience, Wheels Training centre not only offers what seems to be the most comprehensive instruction, but also the best instructors available in Garry McConnell and his associates. Going through the basic motorcycle course, having never ridden a bike before, I saw myself making tangible progress with each session. By the end of the course I was comfortably enjoying riding on the open road.From the beginning of the course, safety was the utmost priority and the school really made an effort to ensure that I and my fellow classmates were shaped into safe and knowledgeable riders. In a 3 hour presentation we were given more than enough to ace the Alberta class 6 knowledge test, and through the on bike training I believe we were over prepared in the best of ways for our road test. Garry took time to make sure that every member of the group improved on their individual shortcomings and would be road-ready upon leaving Wheels Training Centre. In addition, him and his staff happily answered all of my questions via phone call or email comprehensively and in a timely manner.In essence, Wheels Training Centre failed only in the ability to present a single flaw or shortcoming to me; from the extremely competitive price of the courses, to interacting with the instructors and a graduate of the basic course. A fantastic experience through and through.read more
Solomon Simmons
Solomon Simmons
17:56 06 Jul 19
Hats off to instructors Garry (owner) and Rick at Wheels Training Centre! I had been thinking of taking a motorcycle driving course for quite some time and there are many to choose from. I decided on Wheels because of their high google reviews and also because the course is only one weekend long, instead of two. I am female and they also offer female only courses. I didn’t do that course because I wanted to take the course sooner rather than later. I was the only female in a group of 9, plus 2 male instructors. I fit right in and felt very welcome. I wasn’t made to feel any different because i am a “girl”. Both instructors were very professional and very concerned about each students safety at ALL times. I was having trouble with the clutch almost all weekend, each time I brought this up to either instructor, they offered a solution or asked what they could do to help me correct my problem. I know everyone wants to get on the bike and “ride”, but you need the proper tools and education to do so.... and I strongly believe you will get the tools you need with this course. I feel very confident on a motorcycle now and can’t wait to get on my own. Sorry for such a long post... but wanted to get it all out lol. And remember “safety first”!!! Happy riding.read more
Tracy M
Tracy M
01:06 01 Jul 19
Had a wonderful experience this past weekend at the women’s basic riding course. The instructors were great! Gary and Al took the time with each of us to make sure we were comfortable learning the basics. They tailored the course to each individuals comfort level while emphasizing safety. There was a good variety of bikes to try; after this weekend I feel prepared to take the road test. Such a informative and fun course!read more
Chelsea Poch
Chelsea Poch
22:01 17 Jun 19
Highly recommended for beginners! AMAZING instructors! Gary and Rick were patient and assuring. They looked after every single student and made sure everyone was comfortable before moving on. I went from very little experience on a motorcycle to being confident on a motorcycle. Had the weekend course on June 8, 9. Took the road test June 13th and passed with flying colors! Will be recommending all my friends to learn through Wheels.read more
Jerry Liu
Jerry Liu
18:34 13 Jun 19
I felt the course was great because of the small class size. I had so much one on one time. I leaned so much and I passed my road test!I would recommend to anyone!read more
Michael Muirhead
Michael Muirhead
18:06 08 Jun 19
5 stars is not enough to truly explain the quality of this school. Gary is absolutely amazing, he is patient, knowledgeable and everyone’s safety is his paramount concern. I came out of the school with a wealth of knowledge, confidence and the tools needed to keep me safe on the road. I would recommend this school to new riders, old riders who want a refresh and anyone not feeling 100% comfortable on a motorcycle.Keep up the great work Wheels.Lukeread more
Luke Caplette
Luke Caplette
17:30 29 May 19
Garry is a great instructor and a wonderful person. He is very experienced, his calm demeanor and professional approach really helps you feel comfortable on the road. I highly recommend Wheels Training Centre for anyone looking to learn to rideread more
Nasir Abbas
Nasir Abbas
21:20 21 May 19
If there were 10 stars to give, I would hands down give them a 10! Garry is an absolute superstar! He takes his time to explain everything to you, and even walks you through it. They really care about your safety, as you can see that through the training they provide. Please keep up the awesome work so happy that there is a place like this in the community! I will be going back for the Can Am Spyder training AND advanced motorcycle training! Thank you so very very much! Kellyread more
Kelly Kingsbury
Kelly Kingsbury
01:02 16 May 19
If there were 10 stars to give, I would hands down give them a 10! Garry is an absolute superstar! He takes his time to explain everything to you, and even walks you through it. They really care about your safety, as you can see that through the training they provide. Please keep up the awesome work so happy that there is a place this in the community! I will be going back for the Can Am Spyder training AND advanced motorcycle training! Thank you so very very much! Kellyread more
Kelly Kingsbury
Kelly Kingsbury
23:36 15 May 19
If there were 10 stars to give, I would hands down give them a 10! Garry is an absolute superstar! He takes his time to explain everything to you, and even walks you through it. They really care about your safety, as you can see that through the training they provide. Please keep up the awesome work so happy that there is a place this in the community! I will be going back for the Can Am Spyder training AND advanced motorcycle training! Thank you so very very much! Kellyread more
Kelly Kingsbury
Kelly Kingsbury
23:07 15 May 19
You can tell that Gary cares about making sure every single person will be safe and stay alive once they leave the school. He tries to ingrain in us the skills we will need for both the test and to be great motorcyclists! They’re not in it for the money and give a lot of personal attention to each student.read more
Christine Robinson
Christine Robinson
14:39 26 Apr 19
You get a wealth of knowledge and experience from Gary, Al and Rick. You can tell they really live the riding lifestyle and enjoy teaching others.I had never been on a motorcycle and after the basic course I am confident I can pass the road test. One day is a few hours of theory, one day going over controls/inspection before riding and learning slow speed manuevers. The 3rd day included review, small group rides on the road and additional riding techniques.Its incredibly fun and I cant imagine trying to ride a bike without having proper training. I'll probably do their advanced course in the future.5 stars for sure. Dont forget your sunscreen though 🙂read more
Justin Pollard
Justin Pollard
17:14 20 Apr 19
A very worthwhile experience, if you are new to motorcycles this is the place for you. The prices are very reasonable and the knowledge and experienced gained during this cource is priceless. Highly recommended!read more
Kevin Robinson
Kevin Robinson
22:54 19 Apr 19
Wife and I took the motorcycle class and had a blast. I highly recommend taking the course if you plan on riding. Not only do you learn to ride but you learn to do it safely.read more
Michael HeliusPhos
Michael HeliusPhos
10:32 19 Apr 19
Gary and Gary have a wealth of motorcycle riding experience. I took the basic motorcycle course and found it awesome. The drills started from very basic (pushing a bike around), to avoidance techniques (quick decision swerving). The groups are not to big that you get lost in the mix. The instructors were always correcting and giving suggestions on how to improve your riding techniques. It was a fun weekend.read more
Wayne Boylan
Wayne Boylan
19:20 16 Apr 19
Great place to learn how to ride a motorcycle safely. To be honest, I thought that it is possible to have someone falling off the motorcycle, even myself, in fact, no one crash or fall under their professional training and supervising. One day parking lot training and one day on road, it is very helpful to build your confidence.read more
Johnny Zhang
Johnny Zhang
16:19 15 Apr 19
Wheels Training Center offers an in-class Online Driving course for those who need more flexibility with their time at a great price. Garry, the Owner, is a wonderful driving instructor that is strict for the safety of driving and teaching proper driving techniques.read more
Peter Gao
Peter Gao
21:54 10 Apr 19
My experience at wheels was fantastic, I learned many key skills while taking this course. If I could take it again I would.read more
Digital Trip
Digital Trip
14:35 12 Mar 19
If I have to describe my experience with Wheels Training Centre in a few words, it'd be "They are the best!". I recently moved to Calgary from Edmonton. Although I had already 3 years of driving experience in Canada, I wanted to refresh myself and get ready before I started my job that requires driving throughout the city. Plus, I wanted to get rid of GDL from my license. I called 4 other schools, and all were very pricey. Since I got my first license in the States 7 years ago, I thought I should take some in-class lessons. I explained my situation over the phone to Gary, the owner, and he said I should be fine with only driving lessons. Gary has years of experience, and he is very thoughtful! You could see that he's not after your money but simply want you to be a good driver. He even came to my road test as my cheerleader! I passed the test and I'm officially a good class 5 driver!! It's all because of Gary!! 🙂read more
Mai Ando
Mai Ando
03:16 12 Nov 18
I just passed my class 6 riding test this evening. I had never rode a motorcycle before but within a weekend at wheels training center I was ready to challenge the road test. Garry, the owner and my instructor was really good. He’s definitely passionate about his sport and that is a quality I like to see in a teacher.read more
Olivier W
Olivier W
03:09 02 Oct 18
Garry is a fantastic instructor! Very experienced and really helps you feel comfortable on a bike and on the road. I would highly recommend anyone looking to learn to ride contact Wheels Training Centreread more
Sheen Badger
Sheen Badger
22:42 30 Sep 18
The instructors and staff at Wheels Training Centre are fantastic. They are easy to talk to, and they teach in a manner that makes it easy to understand and easy to apply the riding principles to the hands on portion of the course. The slow speed maneuvers, balancing, braking and swerving exercises are the key to successful riding in a crowded parking lot and on the open road. Safety is their main concern throughout the duration of the course. The cost of the course, which comes in less than most other courses I found, is well worth course fee. There is also the added bonus of being able borrowing one of their bikes for the road test on the last day of the course. Thanks Gary, I learned a lot and had an awesome time.read more
Kenneth Waddle
Kenneth Waddle
03:13 07 Sep 18
I took the basic motorcycle course in preparation in taking my class 6 road test. The school experience was very professional with the added benefit of being very personalized. The instructor was amazing and helped myself and my fellow classmates pass all our tests first try! Not only did we learn how to ride, but we learned the importance of safety which will keep us on the road for many years. Thanks Wheels Training Centre!read more
Car Tang
Car Tang
02:35 09 Aug 18
Not only does wheels have the best price, it has amazing instructors. Garry, the owner, has decades of riding and instructing experience. Its obvious that he does this simply because he loves motorcycles and loves teaching people how to ride. The instructors are great at working one on with everyone on the course all at different skill levels to give personalized advice to everyone. Great experience overall, had an amazing weekend. Thank you so much!read more
Patrick Ziemianowicz
Patrick Ziemianowicz
23:15 05 Aug 18


What makes Wheels Training Centre different from other Calgary driving schools is our genuine commitment to making our roads safer. This is proven through our affordable courses and personal touch. We do not want to limit those who can take a driving course based on whether they can afford it or not. This is why we make our driver training as affordable as possible, so we can include as many Calgary drivers as we can.

We also place a strong commitment on giving our students a personal experience when they take any one of our driver training courses. We keep our class sizes small so we can provide each student with the attention that they deserve. We believe an engaged student will become a safe driver and this is why we do whatever we can to truly engage each and every one of our students. We will ensure you have direct contact with your instructor and make our instructors available throughout all of your driver training. Ensuring that our students are comfortable and confident is what creates great drivers.

All of our students always have amazing things to say about our instructors and courses after attending our driving school. Why not see for yourself just how different Wheels Training Centre is.


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We aren’t just about motorcycles we also offer diver training as well.


Learn basic driver training and be ready for your road test.


We offer the ability to take your basic driver training course online.


Start saving money on your insurance rates.


WeThe perfect course for those looking to brush up on their driver training.