Garry McConnell

Owner/Sr. Instructor

Garry has been riding well over 45 years & has owned multiple motorcycles. He teaches both Class 5 & 6 training, motorcycle advance & slow speed control plus long distance riding courses. He has served as a Sr. Instructor with the Canada Safety Council. He’s attended the World Conference on Motorcycle Safety; Directed Fleet Safety International Motorcycle Training Programs; managed OMG motorcycle training and was President of the Indian Motorcycle Riders Group® in Calgary. Garry loves his current ride, a 2017 Indian Road Master.

Gary Wong

Sr. Instructor

Gary has 25 years of driver education training. He is a certified to teach Driver Improvement, Professional Driver Development, Class 5 & 6 Driver Training, and UTV & ATV Training & Performance Driving Courses. Gary’s current ride is a 2017 Indian Chieftain.

Rick Brown


Rick has been riding over 50 years & previously instructed with the Calgary Safety Council and refreshed his instructors licence to pass on his valued experience to new generations of riders. Rick was co-founder of the Calgary Motorcycle “Ride for Dad,” the “Honour Ride” and has been very active with Two Wheel Sunday. Rick’s not brand specific & has ridden everything from Yamaha, Victory, Kawasaki, Honda, Norton, BSA & Triumph and is a firm believer in safety first! Rick currently rides a 2016 Indian Road Master, which he rides all year round as he spends winters in Arizona where he’s extremely active with riding groups there.

John Morrissey


John started riding motorcycles 40 years ago.  Like most, he had off road bikes than graduated to street riding.   His first street bike was a 1973 Kawasaki 500, followed by numerous Honda 750 and Yamaha motorcycle’s, and even a Suzuki.  Presently,  John is riding a KTM 1190 adventure.

Allan Orr


Allan has been riding two-wheel motorized bikes for over 35 years starting with dirt bikes in his early teens and graduating to highway touring bikes in his 20’s. He has put on countless km’s on highways from southern California through Oregon, Washington, BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. He appreciates the enjoyment of the ride and strives to make each trip an adventure. Allan is a life-long teacher and learner who enjoys and specializes in adult coaching and teaching. He looks forward to helping introduce you to the joy of riding the open, twisty road. His current ride is a 2015 Kawasaki Voyager 1700.

Shawn Weir


Shawn is a seasoned rider with nearly 10 years riding experience. He also has many years of off road experience as well. The first time he jumped on two wheels, he was hooked and knew he had to share his passion with others who are eager to learn. Shawn has owned 3 street bikes.  He started with a 600 Suzuki Katana, moved on to a SFV650, and has recently acquired a GSX1250FA, which he is in love with.  He enjoys teaching and helping people learn the ins and outs of the road. Shawn has been participating in rides with the 403 group since last year, which is a great community to be a part of. He hopes to see you all on the road soon.